Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Medieval Inspired OOTD, Warrior Maiden Dress from

I feel like Halloween costumes get a really bad rap. Yes, quite a few are fairly crappily made with really low budget materials and finishing but there are some diamonds in the roughs that I've actually incorporated into every day wear and worn more than once. I'm always super bummed with those super itchy polyester costumes with the tied open back, ug. The below Warrior Maiden costume from 3Wishes (Sexy Lingerie so maybe NSFW) is not one of these shoddy costumes.

The complete costume set included a dress with zippered back (no velcro, yay!), faux leather harness with actual buckles, an elastic braided headband, and a pair of faux leather bracers (not pictured here). I ordered a size medium. I feel the dress' length was a bit short, however I am 5'8" and was wearing heels so the length overall wasn't too bad. I can definitely see myself incorporating the harness and bracers into other looks. This costume is pretty versatile. The shape of the dress could go Grecian/Roman pretty easily with some accessory swaps and even be a pretty dress for an evening out dressed up with some jewelry. Determined to get a backless dress to work for below 60 weather, I paired it with a super cozy knit sweater, some thigh high sweater socks, and boots. Is Rustic Medieval a thing? Can we make a thing?

Pair this outfit with a Dragon Age moleskin to really feel like an RPG character, hehe. I added a vintage pin to the harness to dress it up a bit. Thankfully the headband was fairly stretchy to fit my giant noggin'.

Dress: 3Wishes
Sweater: Ross
Socks: Target
Harness: 3Wishes

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wastleland Chic, Fallout 4 Inspired OOTD

If there was one gaming franchise that swept these past few months by storm, it's Fallout 4. I've been amassing quite the collection of Fallout apparel from work, figured I'd just go full Fallout with this outfit. Pin-up hair? Check. Vault 111 hoodie? Check. Vault Boy Socks? Check. Bottle Cap Earrings? Check. Nuka Cola girl tee? Check. Where's a German Shepard when I need one?

Hoodie: Loot Crate's Fallout 4 Crate
T-Shirt: Loot Crate's PAX Prime '15 Crate
Skirt: Yandy
Socks: Loot Crate's Level Up
Bottle Cap Earrings: A gift from my friend Kim

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Captain Marvel Inspired OOTD with Necklace from Femmecraft

I was at Comikaze this past weekend and thought where better to rock a Captain Marvel inspired outfit than at a comic convention?! Cassie from Femmecraft sent me this super lovely Captain Marvel necklace that was the inspiration for this outfit. I got mistaken for a Disneybound Ariel more than once. Curse you red hair! (Not really, ilu 5ever) Make sure you guys favorite Femmecraft on Etsy and check out her site for lots more comic book and lady-empowering inspired jewelry.

The necklace came packaged inside a resealable plastic sleeve wrapped in adorable polka-dot paper. The necklace feels substantial and has some heft to it. The materials used are definitely of quality.
Necklace: Femmecraft
Top: YesStyle
Skirt: Black Milk Clothing
Shoes: Dollhouse

Monday, September 28, 2015

OOTD: R2D2 Underoos!

One of the best things about being a geek nowadays is that those toys and apparel items you likely wore as a kid are coming back in a big way. Underoos, matching tank and underwear sets, are one of those items! Packed inside their signature box, you can purchase some of the same designs you wore as kid in addition to new styles, like R2D2!
I was torn between retro looking Princess Leia and R2D2 but Artoo won out because I must have galaxy print on ALL THE THINGS. The Underoos sets, for both guys and gals, are available up to size 2XL. I went with size medium which worked perfectly. This has been my go to jammie set because it’s been disgustingly hot here in Los Angeles. Summer, be gone!
The material and cut of the tank top is totally appropriate for everyday wear too! So even if wearing this set as jammies isn't your thing, you can totally rock the tank as day wear and the panties under your shorts like me!Want to save $5 on any pair of Underoos? Use code GEEKYGLAM until September 30th! Quick, code expires Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

OOTD Feeling Pastel Goth with Crop Tee from Lunar Descent

My girl szmoon of Lunar Descent has an amazing design aesthetic. If you’re into cyber, internet culture, computer inspired fashion this is the ideal brand for you. I nabbed this adorable pastel goth cropped tee from her at a clothing swap a while back.It pairs so perfectly with my fun hologram kicks! If you haven’t already, bookmark the Lunar Descent shop. She has a fab new collection releasing this week!

Shirt: Lunar Descent
Skirt: Off-Brand
Sneakers: Kohl's
Rings: Automatic Honey & Chocomint
Rose Headband: JapanLA