Wednesday, August 5, 2015

OOTD: Grass Type 4 Lyfe

You may have seen my cutie friend @iamchubbybunny wearing an adorable Togepi crop top at San Diego Comic Con this year. Since she's basically the best she bought me a Bulbasaur version! Poke-homies. The top was found for super cheap on Ebay, just search Pokemon tee or crop, you should get plenty of results! Since it's been grossly hot lately I opted for a super breezy outfit to pair this crop with.

Crop Top: Ebay
Skirt: Thrifted/No brand
Sandals: Ebay
Pokeball Bag: Target (Nintendo 3DS case)
Vest: Dollhouse

Who's your favorite Pokemon? In addition to Bulbasaur, I love Pachirisu and Mienshao!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

San Diego Comic-Con Day-to-Night Look, Batman Romper

I bet you thought rompers were just for lounging around the house 'eh? This romper is marketed as lounge-wear but I was determined to turn into everyday wear for a day at San Diego Comic-Con.

I created a casual, comfortable outfit for daytime romping (see what I did there?). Adding a denim vest and some accessories takes the loungewear/pajamy feeling out of it. I chose a matching Batman backpack to store my night time outfit and of course ALL THE SWAG.

To transition into evening I simply swapped out the vest for a lace kimono top, changed up my hair a bit and put on some dressier sandals. Simple and didn't take up a lot of space in my backpack! 

Romper: Underboss
Vest: Dollhouse 
Backpack: Kohl's (Bioworld)
Kimono: Ross
Purse: h.naoto

Are there any essentials you have to bring with you to every con? Share your tips in the comments! HAND SANITIZER PLEASE.

Monday, July 20, 2015

San Diego Comic Con Day-to-Night with Leggings from Bombsheller

The lovely ladies over at Set to Stunning came up with the brilliant idea to recruit some other geek chic bloggers to do a SDCC outfit round-up. Scruffy and Lindz tasked us with coming up with two SDCC Day-to-Night looks. Knowing how hectic the event can be and how your hotel can  be miles away (no really, legit miles) I wanted outfits that I could easily transition from day to evening with a few simple accessory swaps. Also, yes this post is coming after Comic Con, my apologies things were so hectic leading up to the event!

The amazing team over at Bombsheller hooked me up with these rad #WODzillaGIJane leggings. If you haven't picked yourself up a pair of shells from Bombsheller, hop to it! Both pairs I have held up super well and are super flattering. They have a BUNCH of designs and create/ship super quickly. Want to save 10%? Use code GeekGlamSDCC to get yourself some fashionable spandex!

Let's go Day-to-Night with the GIJane leggings!

Orders come packaged inside custom Bombsheller envelopes with washing instructions and two Bombsheller stickers.

The GI Jane leggings feature a look of futuristic armor with holsters on either side. There's a splash of neon green detailing that I used for inspiration on what to pair 'em with.

I paired my GI Jane leggings with a snapback hat (it's fiercely sunny during SDCC) and a waist pack 'cause I hate carrying around bags whilist weaving through crowds. Comfy sneakers completed the look since you'll be covering a lot of ground between Gaslamp, the hotels, and of course the convention center. This outfit says I'll race you to the Blizzard booth to nab some con exclusives. 


My night time transition was a simple switch of shoes, blouse, and swapped my holographic hat for a jacket to dress up the look. All these items could easily be stored in a backpack and make for an easy switch once the sun goes down.

Leggings: Bombsheller (use code GeekGlamSDCC for 10% off!)
Hat: Lunar Descent
Sneakers: Converse
Waist Pack: Ebay
Jacket: Ebay
Dogtags: BioWare
Bow: Lunar Descent

Did you all have fun at San Diego Comic Con? Do you have any convention outfit tips to share? Please let me know in the comments below! ♥

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Galactic Chic with Scarf from RedBubble's "Art in Motion" Collection

You've likely heard of RedBubble before, it was one of the first, if not the first places for artists to sell their work on apparel, totes, wall art, etc. I hadn't visited their site recently until RedBubble reached out to me and brought their "Art in Motion" to my attention. What a long way they've come! Divided into specific collections like Retro Revival, New Romantic, and my pick Geek Nouveua the artwork from Art in Motion is featured on leggings, pencil skirts, clutch bags, tees, scarves and more. I was grateful to be asked to feature the Space Surfing II scarf from artist, nicebleed.

The material on this scarf is soft and lightweight making it the perfect addition to those Summer outfits when the sun goes down. This scarf is AMAZING in person. The colors are super vibrant!

At first glance this is just a galaxy print scarf but when unrolled it's a piece of art. Just look what a great size this is. I hate short scarves; I want one that is versatile and can be worn multiple ways.

You can get your own Space Surfing II scarf from RedBubble now! You can also check them on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks to RedBubble for sending me this scarf! 

Friday, April 3, 2015

OOTD with Hentai Crop from Super Orange

For those of you cuties into anime, especially those who are fans of all things shoujo, you must add an item from Super Orange to your wardrobe! Channel your inner magical girl or hentai princess and rock one of Super Orange's amazing tops or accessories. All items are printed on American Apparel blanks so rest assured these are soft and well made. This particular crop has withstood multiple washes and the screenprint hasn't crackled or faded, yay! Get you and your waifu matching hentai crops like the one seen below or check out the full collection of kawaii as f*ck designs at the Super Orange shop!

Hentai Crop: Super Orange
Skirt: Target
Socks: Sock It to Me
Hat: Target
Plaid Shirt: Kohl's

You can shop all Super Orange goods from their official shop and make sure to give them a like on Facebook and Instagram. ♥